All my travels 2017


I love to travel and 2017 has been the most insane year for travelling in my life. Let´s have a look at all my travels this year!


I started the year by doing a trip to Atacama Desert in Chile and then going to Bolivia. It was the first round of research for an upcoming photo tour there 2019. I like to do research at least two times before having a tour somewhere.


I remember being amazed by the landscape. But struggled with not being able to travel independent and hated all the tours. 

Then I spent a few days in New York before going back to Stockholm.

I went to Åre, a ski resort in Sweden for a job and spent a weekend snowboarding and hanging out with people working at Telia. Not my usual crowd but a great experience! I held a speech at their conference during this weekend.


I went to London to shoot two jobs. One for Kronaby, a release for their watch, an event held by Derek Blasberg with cool guests and then a shoot for H&M with Patricia Manfield. I had the chance to meet up with my dear friend, the photographer Tom Oxley before I left. I remember when we met at Iceland Airwaves in the photo pit at a concert with Bloc Party 2007 and ended up having the moist crazy night out in Reykjavik back then. He is a photographer for NME.

I also went to Morocco and climbed Mt Toubkal. Stayed at a resort in the Atlas mountains and had a great weekend. Maybe my best ”weekend vaccation” ever? So beautiful!


I went to Paris with my team to shoot the H&M Studio show. I always love those jobs!

And then I spent 10 days in New York but I can not remember what I was doing haha. At this point I had my mind set on moving to New York so I think I was just hanging out, meeting people and friends. Feeling it out. I love New York. But I realised later that if I were to move there I would not even have time to be there because I travel too much and have too many projects going on. But I will always come back to New York often. I have a lot of friends there.

Then I went to Australia! For the first time ever. Was not the most fun trip… I only had 5 days there so I flew in to Sydney and then drove to a ski resort, Thredbo where I climbed Mt Kosciuszko and then I drove back to Sydney and spent a day. I would love to come back one day and stay for like two months and travel around to explore more.

After Australia I went to New Zealand and that was one of the best trips ever! First I spent a week on Franz Josef Glacier for a mountaineering course, so much fun! One of the best parts was spending a night in a tent on the glacier and then climb a mountain in the morning the next day. I also met two friends in the mountain hut and they just climbed Mt Vinson!


I was still in New Zealand because now my photo tour here started and WOW! It was such an amazing group of people joining me and we had the best time for 16 days, going everywhere. Both north and south islands. I think almost everyones favourite place was Wanaka, a small outdoorsy village. I just love that place. I remember the first time I drove in here the year before and I just knew I loved this place. The hike up to Roy´s Peak was another highlight.

From New Zealand I went straight to New York and then Washington to join Zara Larsson on her tour with Clean Bandit for H&M. So much fun! I shot Zaras first album cover a few years ago and I just love that girl!


I went to Mykonos to shoot for H&M, a summer campaign for web and social media. It was nice to visit a beautiful Greece Island but it´s a place I don´t think I will go back to. If I choose myself I rather go to not so ”beachy” places for vaccation or exploring. But I was really happy to get the chance to go there for a few days, it was just perfect!

Then I went to Gothenburg to run Göteborgsvarvet, a half marathon! I had never run more then 10k before. And only like 5 times so I was really proud over myself for making it! I hope I will take up running again 2018 and try one more time. I want to run under 2 hours!

In the end of may I went to Corsika for another job for H&M, the same summer campaign. We went to 6 different places all over Europe to shoot. And wow, Corsika is a place I would love to go back to. Such beautiful nature and a lot of mountains!


I started june with a date in Paris and then went to Berlin to have my photography workshop at abandoned places with We Are 365. It was a really cool experience because there was so many cool places we explored. And we had a model and makeup artist with us too so it was so much fun. You can find information about the workshop 2018 here if you want to join!

And then straight from Berlin to Tel Aviv for another H&M shoot! I really liked Tel Aviv as a city but for political reasons it can be complicated. When we were going home we got questioned a lot at the airport about what we had done in Israel. I don´t think I will be coming back but I was happy to have seen this place.

Beginning of june was really crazy with travels. We went straight from Tel Aviv to London and spent a night and then to Isle of Scilly. A beautiful really remote island outside UK. And because of bad weather we got to spend a day in Cornwall (I would love to go back there). Isle of Scilly was so beautiful and had a really tropical climate, not something you usually find in Europe. But to get there was really an effort. Fly to London, drive to Cornwall, fly to some Island, boat to another island and then tractor to where we were going. I think I forgot we were on a bus at some point too…

After being home for a week we went to Gotland with pop stars Icona Pop for another H&M shoot. I love those girls! They are the best! And Gotland is maybe Swedens best summer get away so it´s always nice to go there. I spent a lot of time there during the summers with my ex because his family had a summer house there.


Time for the last H&M campaign shoot for the summer and this was to Comporta in Portugal. I have always wanted to go to Portugal but I was not so impressed when I got there. Everything was just ok. Never really good. But I was happy to get the chance to go there and had so much fun shooting Luis Borges.

After Portugal I went to the swedish festival in Gagnef. A few days of magic in the woods. Dancing all night long. I got to meet a really cool and sweet girl and photographer, Jennifer Medina who were my travel company in the car up there. And then I stayed in a trailer with some of the best girls I know so it was an epic weekend!

I danced until 4 in the morning on the last day and then drove straight to the airport to go to Iceland for a photography tour with Max Rive. I was really excited for hiking the highlands for a week but as you probably remember it didn´t end so well. Everyone except one guy quit the tour. So me and another guy, Andrew, a really nice doctor from New Orleans rented a car and drove to the westfjords and northen Iceland to explore. It was a great trip! Then after spending a fun day back in Reykjavik my friend Jonas came over and we did some research for Fotoresor, mostly in the highlands and Thorsmörk. So next year my photography tour to Iceland will be even more amazing because now we are going to all the best places all over Iceland!

I got back home after two weeks on Iceland and packed my bag to go to Russia to climb Elbrus. It was my first real expedition and it was a really nice experience. It was a great challenge but I was so happy to made it to the top! Read all bout it here!


After coming home from Elbrus I fot the idea for 49 peaks and went straight to Kebnekaise just to wake up with high fever and have to go back home. But it was nice anyway and I got to spend some time with my friend Adrian and that is always fun!

Then the week after I flew to Chamonix to climb Mont Blanc and that must have been my best mountain experience ever! Such an amazing week. I climbed with the legend Sandy Allan and we became really good friends. First we did Gran Paradiso in Italy and then we climbed Mont Blanc and the last day we went rock climbing. I remember really enjoying hanging out in the mountain huts, meeting new people and listen to their stories.

After Chamonix I went to Baltikum to ”climb” the highest peaks in Estonia, Lithuania and Lathiva. I also went to Belarus. I had my friend Olof Grind with me, another amazing photographer. I don´t think I will come back to any of these places unless I have a job there. Nothing special. Or maybe it is to similar to Sweden in many ways and that´s why I don´t get so impressed?


Started off with my photo tour on Iceland and I have been having a few of those over the last years but can this have been the best ever? I don´t think I´ve ever seen such good weather in Iceland for a whole week. Great group of people, we had so much fun! I loved having my sister with me as a driver too.

After Iceland I flew to Milan to start my 49 peaks mountain tour! I began in Liechtenstein and then due to a snow storm in the Alps I went to Monaco, Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Then over to eastern Europe: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey (I was in Kosovo for a day but left), Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and then to San Marino and The Vatican. It was a lot of mountains over a very short period of time so what I have learned from this is to have more time so I can enjoy it more. Just climbing a mountain and then drive for 12 h to the next one an repeat is not that much fun. I enjoyed Andorra and Slovenia a lot! Romania was a great mountain experience but I got stuck in the country for a few days and that was not the best time of my life… I was really upset and lonely.

After that I spent a week in The Dolomites. I had always dreamt about going there so I was happy to do that. It was kind of off season to everything in the villages was closed. Bummer because I had researched so many restaurants I wanted to eat at haha. I love Italian food! But it was a great trip in many ways. A lot of fun hikes to get to great photography locations!

Then I went to Los Angeles to shoot the launch of H&M X Erdem with my team. And as always, so fun! The location was mind blowing. The set designer really made an amazing job! I also shot and editorial with the lovely Molly Chiang. Then I spent a few days in New York ”on the way home” to Stockholm. No wait! I didn´t go to Stockholm I went to Denmark to climb the highest mountain. And then to Ireland. I liked Ireland a lot. First I climbed the highest mountain in Northen Ireland, then I went to Dublin and met up with my good friend, the stylist Gorjan Lauseger and then I went to the highest mountain in Ireland. But as always, too little time! Ireland was beautiful and I wish I had more time there. But I will be back again!


I went to England and Wales. Snowdon in Snowdonia was really beautiful! Maybe I´ll be back there one day. I can recommend! And the Hungary. Don´t think I will be back there… But it´s not fair to say either because driving on the countryside you see a lot but you don´t really get the whole picture of a country. Just a piece. And maybe not the most exciting one.

Then I went to Patagonia with my dear friend and one of my favourite photographers Tobias Hägg (Airpixels) and we did research for our photo tour there in april. It was so inspiring to hang out with him for ten days and we did crazy things like climb mountains in a storm, sleep in the car to shoot the sunrise and hiked for hours and hours to find the best spots. Come join us in april and we will take you on an amazing adventure! I also go to catch up with my friends Leo in El Chaltén and José in Punta Arenas. I love having local friends all over the world!

In the end of November I went from Punta Arenas to Mendoza for my expedition to Aconcagua. What I really liked about it is that I enjoyed every second of it. And looking back at it I could not have had more fun or be more proud over myself and the team. What a great experience this was! Then I got stuck in Mendoza for a few days before getting myself a rental car and drove to Santiago in Chile. And ended the year as it started: In the Atacama desert and in Bolivia. But this time I travel independent and gosh how crazy it is to drive in Bolivia!

Oh, one last adventure of the year: I just got to Whistler in Canada. First time in Canada! Really looking forward to spend 10 days here learning to ski and ice climb a little. I will try split board too because I have never done that but I have been snowboarding all my life and I would love to be able to go ski touring!

Wow what an amazing year for travelling! I think I spent 250 days on the road in total. That is crazy but it might also be the only time in my life I can do something like this. I have already planned some epic adventures for 2018. Follow along here on the blog and on my Instagram stories: emmasvenssonphoto

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